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We have a range of colourful, fun bingo games for the holidays. Check out:

For each of these games we have printable bingo cards and also mobile bingo games to play online without having to print - everyone with a mobile, iPad or tablet can play.

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Bingo Game 4.9

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Easy lucky draw game with rolling portrait for parties and meetings.

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    Bingo Call System Web Site

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    Bingo De Animales Para Imprimir Gratis

    Create your bingo card projectA classic party game in which players cover places on their cards based on what space is called out by a caller. .. Lowe who first called the game Bingo and invented the now familiar 5x5 matrix card with B-I-N-G-O across the top. 65. Old Age Pension 4 Lucky Numbers GameBingo Board - A Digital Flashboard Free Download viagra vs cialis

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    1-20 Number Bingo Cards Printable and Mobile

    Generate free 1-20 number bingo cards to print and play at home or at school.

    Each bingo card has the numbers 1-20 randomly arranged, so the person calling the bingo can just use a normal bingo card to keep track.

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    Bingo shutter cards are great to use on road trips, either with a small family group or with a larger bus-full of participants, and they can be reused over and over again. Purchase bingo shutter cards in packs of up to 50 cards with information from a board game enthusiast in this free video on games.Expert: Windy ChalleyBio: Windy Challey has worked at Games of Berkeley for more than eight years. In that time, she has demonstrated and sold thousands of board, dice, role playing, miniature and puzzle games.Filmmaker: Sam Lee

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    Historical References in Bingo Calls

    The bulk of the historical references in nicknames come from the 1950s and ’60s. During this period, bingo began to reach its peak popularity, and many of the nicknames formed in these years have stuck around for decades. However, some people are calling for modern updates to the nicknames to make them more relevant to today’s players and appeal to younger generations. The easiest way to broaden the appeal is to pick traditionally rhyming numbers and assign pop culture references to them. For example, the number 32 would be called “Jimmy Choo” instead of “buckle my shoe,” 84 could be “Dumbledore,” and 42 “Winnie the Pooh” could be rebranded as “Pikachu,” the Pokémon character. Several top historical references can be found in bingo call nicknames. Check out the ones below to see which nicknames you already knew and which ones you think could be updated for contemporary audiences.  viagra for women

    1. Kelly's Eye

    Most people believe this number is a reference to Ned Kelly, one of Australia’s greatest folk heroes. Others claim this phrase is simply military slang.  viagra side effects

    9. Doctor's Orders

    This call stems from World War II, where British doctors handed out the number nine pill to soldiers that weren’t diagnosed with a specific condition. This powerful laxative was meant to clear the system of ills.  how does viagra work

    10. Cameron's Den

    While this number is a rhyme, the nickname changes each time a new prime minister is elected. Currently, the number 10 is also known as “David’s den,” after David Cameron, but the number has also been called “Tony’s den” for Tony Blair and “Maggie’s den” for Margaret Thatcher.  viagra dosage

    21. Royal Salute

    This number refers to the 21-gun salute presented at royal and military ceremonies.  viagra 100mg

    30. Dirty Gertie

    What rhymes with 30? Try “Dirty Gertie From Bizerte,” a humorous song belted out by soldiers during World War II.  cialis vs viagra

    39. Steps

    “The 39 Steps” was a famous movie by Alfred Hitchcock that debuted in 1935. The film is still popular today.  how long does viagra last

    42. Winnie The Pooh

    This rhyme comes from the stories of the honey-loving storybook bear and his adventures by A. A. Milne. The Walt Disney franchise picked up the story in 1965.  female viagra pill

    49. Pc

    This call is based on the show “The Adventures of P.C. 49,” which aired from 1946–53. The show’s plot tells the stories of an unconventional police constable solving cases in London. Some bingo halls actually use the term “police constable” when making the call. Alternatively, callers may use the phrase “one more time” to rhyme with 49.  viagra pill

    56. Was She  Worth It?

    During the 1950s, the cost of a marriage license was five shillings and sixpence. Women players have traditionally shouted back “every penny!” in response to the call.  viagra vs cialis

    57. Heinz Varieties

    Heinz is known for having 57 varieties of canned beans. Even though the company actually sells more products, the founder, Henry Heinz, decided that 57 was his lucky number and stuck with this figure. 59. Brighton LineA person can travel 59 minutes by train from Brighton to London. Hence, the Brighton Line is 59.  viagra for sale

    76. Trombones

    This call takes its cue from the 1972 hit movie and musical “The Music Man.” “Seventy-six trombones led the big parade” is a phrase that forms part of the lyrics.  viagra over the counter

    87. Torquay in Devon

    This simple rhyme takes its origins from the town of Torquay, a seaside resort town in Devon, in the southwest region of England. 

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