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Have facebook agent name you been scammed?'Blood moon': How to watch the longest lunar eclipse of the century

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As cool as it is to receive a personal email from Mark Zuckerberg, this is just another social media scam. It is now probably the most common Facebook scam out there. Even chances of winning the lottery are higher than this, because that actually can happen.

You cannot be a Facebook random winner when it comes to out of the blue "Facebook online international lottery" kind of messages.

How can you recognize this scam? Look at the domain name or the email address they're using. If they claim to be from a corporation but the email comes from a Gmail or yahoo address, you should know that something is wrong. Always do your research and trust only legitimate companies.


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By: Kyle RogersCHAMBERSBURG, Pa. -- When Roy Summers accepted a friend request from a woman he didn't know, he wasn't expecting to be told he hit big money jackpot. "It really, really looked official," Summers said. Summers admitted that he didn't know the woman who sent him a friend request, but added her anyway thinking that she may be someone who knows him. Not long afterwards, he said she messaged him notifying him of winning hundreds of thousands of dollars. "So I said, 'What's the catch?'" Summers asked.That's when Summers realized things weren't adding up. In order to get his check, he was told he'd have to send money to pay for it. The earlier he wanted it, the more he had to pay. Summers said he received the email over Dr. Martin Luther King weekend and told the woman on the phone he wouldn't have the cash available at the moment. "And I said, with it being a holiday, I can't get the money," Summers said. "Well, you have a credit card, don't you?" the woman replied. Summers never gave away any personal information other than his home address and phone number. He received names and phone numbers of people to contact, but all the messaging was done via Facebook, he said. Another viewer reached out to CBS 21 News reporting a similar scam. This man shared screen shots of his contact with a woman who assured him it was a "real" prize. She provided pictures of former winners, which appeared to be heavily edited checks made to look like they were from a Facebook Lottery."The checks (in the pictures) looked kind of corny, too," Summers said. He received the same picture. On Wednesday, Summers said the woman was no longer his friend and the information was gone. The Facebook Lottery scam has been reported to the Better Business Bureau and Facebook is not doing a lottery.Experts recommend not accepting people on Facebook who are not your friends and never give away personal information online.

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Congrats! Your Mobile Number was selected as a winner of £2,000,000.00!

Filip Chytrý , 10 September 2013

Good for me! Here's what happened when I tried to claim my prize.

Yes! What a lucky day! I've just got a message that I won 2,000,000.00 British Pounds (2.4M EUR/3.1M USD), an Apple laptop, a T-shirt, and a cap emblazoned with a logo of The Free Lotto Company . Pretty awesome you might think, but appearances are deceptive. Unfortunately, this is just one of the ways bad guys try to get some of our money.

Well, I was thinking, it‘s worth a shot. So I decided to write to the email address and see what would happen. Actually, the hardest part was a making up a fake name for myself! You would never believe how rough this might be. In the end, I decided to call myself Robert Konmed.

Here’s how the conversation went down.

Me: Hello, I've got a winning message with information to contact your email address. How can I pick up my prize please? Thank you, Robert Konmed

Bad guys: Please find attached document for info to contact courier delivery company: EMAIL:rdsdeliveryservices@hotmail.co.uk Regards Brian Calton

Me: Hello guys, I'm really excited about a winning prize. But would be possible to tell me how much I should prepare for a delivery company? And also I'm curious if there is possibility to charge delivery from my winning prize? Thank you & have a nice day! Best regards! Robert Konmed

Bad guys: Dear Robert Konmed thank you for your emial however we are attching the delivery form for you to go through however we are only a delivery company and are not in a position to deduct the delivery charges from your winning Cheque since our job as a company is to deliver a package to you. Please find attached delivery form choose any delivery option of your choice complete and return it back to us to enable us continue with the delivery of your parcel Regards Joe Bragg

Me: Thank you for your prompt answer. So just for my recapitulation If I fill out all the forms and pay 690 pounds for a delivery I will get a package with money cheque, notebook, shirt and cap? Well here is my adress: Robert Konmed Budejovicka 1518/13a 140 00, Prague 4 Could you please tell me which way I should pay for delivery? Im fine with a three day delivery option (cheapest one). Thank you and Im looking forward! Robert Konmed

The rest of the story

Unfortunately, the bad guys did not answer regarding the payment details even though I planned to send them money! Paying 690 British Pounds (817EUR/ 1083USD) for delivery of such a huge amount as I allegedly won would definitely be worth it. Maybe they just tried the Google address in my email and figured out it‘s the headquarters of AVAST.

But I didn‘t give up! After trying to reach them with a phone number from the correspondence, +440 208 133 5717, I finally spoke to a young guy with an unfriendly manner, but he tried to help me anyway. I asked why they did not answer my last email and what to do about my prize. The only reasonable conclusion from that call was that he noted my email with a promise to answer soon. Nothing has happend so far. So in the end, I will not get my prize, darn it!

This group seems to have been active since at least 2007, but recently they have reached other platforms in their quest to earn/steal money. If you Google their phone number or addresses mentioned above, you can find pretty interesting information. However, the Free Lotto homepage has a really horrible reputation according to crowd-sourced rating service Web of Trust .

I choose this particular scam because it was personally sent to my phone, and it has spread during the past few weeks. It is definitely a SCAM and one of the social engineering tricks that bad guys use to deceive mobile users into giving them money. No one should never answer messages like this one!

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Lotto 649Why Does Unrelated Text Appear in Some.. how long does viagra last 25 Oct 2017 .. Messages that claim that you have won a Facebook Lottery are advance .. 'Freedom Award Lottery Promotion Agency' Facebook Page Scam .. 'Facebook International Lottery Program'April 24, 2015In "Advance Fee Scams".

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    How this scam works

    You will receive notification that you have won a lot of money or a fantastic prize in a competition, lottery or sweepstake that you don’t remember entering.  The contact may come by mail, telephone, email, text message or social media.

    The prize you have ‘won’ could be anything from a tropical holiday to electronic equipment such as a laptop or a smartphone, or even money from an international lottery.

    To claim your prize, you will be asked to pay a fee. Scammers will often say these fees are for insurance costs, government taxes, bank fees or courier charges. The scammers make money by continually collecting these fees from you and stalling the payment of your winnings.

    The email, letter or text message you receive will ask you to respond quickly or risk missing out. It may also urge you to keep your winnings private or confidential, to ‘maintain security’ or stop other people from getting your prize by mistake. Scammers do this to prevent you from seeking further information or advice from independent sources.

    Lottery scams may use the names of legitimate overseas lotteries (often Spanish lotteries), so that if you do some superficial research, the scam will seem real. Some examples of the real Spanish lotteries that the scammers falsely use are Loteria Primitiva and El Gordo.

    Real examples of lottery scams:

    You may also be asked to provide personal details to prove that you are the correct winner and to give your bank account details so the prize can be sent to you. Scammers use these details to try to misuse your identity and steal any money you have in your bank account.

    Sometimes the scammers actually do send a cheque for part of your winnings, such as a few thousand dollars of winnings, to trick you into thinking the offer is legitimate. However this cheque will eventually bounce and you will not receive any real payments.

    The scammer will take your payment and fail to deliver the prize, or send you something that falls short of the promised prize.

    A newer version of unexpected prize scams involves scammers gaining access to someone’s social media account and contacting extended family members (aunts, cousins etc) and telling them that they have all won money. The scammer then provides an email address through which they will receive instructions on how to claim their prize.  This is a particularly insidious version of the scam as it uses the trust between family members to succeed in scamming people out of their money.

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    Real life story

    The holiday prize which nearly cost Nicole thousands of dollars

    Report a scamWindows 10 Redstone 6 May Support Virtual Machines Without Hyper-VPasta Recipe $100,000Why Does Unrelated Text Appear in Some.. Man wins Kerala lottery, moves Madras court to claim prize ..

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    Mission and Function

    Our mission is to generate revenue for the District of Columbia through the operation and regulation of a lottery, and through the regulation of charitable gaming. Please Play Responsibly Many District of Columbia residents, suburban commuters, and tourists enjoy DC Lottery games with the vast majority playing responsibly. Nevertheless, lottery games are still a form of gambling and can be abused. At the DC Lottery, we encourage players to play lottery games responsibly, using only discretionary entertainment dollars to purchase lottery tickets. Lottery games are a "fun" investment, not a "financial" investment. No one wins when our games are abused. These games are designed solely for entertainment and the proceeds go to a good cause—our city. When we play in moderation, we all win. Please play responsibly and let's keep the good in a good cause.

    DC Lottery Website

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