Kiloton to Megaton ==================== Kiloton to Megaton; The explosive yield of a nuclear weapon is the amount of energy released when that particular .. Yields of 5.2 megatons/ton and higher have been reported for large weapons constructed for single-warhead use in the early 1960s. ... of the bomb's yield in 1950, which was 20 kilotons of TNT (84 TJ) (See G. I. Taylor, Proc.tnt equivalent ====================

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Historical derivation of the valuenuclear bomb simulatorViews Codae Well-Known MemberConvert Megatonnes to Newtons In reality would 20 megatons of TNT actually be equal to a 20 megaton nuclear bomb?

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Tonnes (t) Megatonnes (Mt)
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Unit Descriptions
1 Tonne (mts unit):1000 kg 1 Megatonne:1 Megatonne or metric megaton (unit of mass) is equal to 1,000,000 metric tons. A metric ton is exactly 1000 kilograms (SI base unit) making a megatonne equal to 1000000000 kilograms. 1 Mt = 1000000000 kg.
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Conversions Table
1 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 70 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0001
2 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 80 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0001
3 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 90 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0001
4 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 100 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0001
5 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 200 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0002
6 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 300 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0003
7 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 400 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0004
8 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 500 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0005
9 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 600 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0006
10 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 800 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0008
20 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 900 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0009
30 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 1,000 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.001
40 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0 10,000 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.01
50 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0001 100,000 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.1
60 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 0.0001 1,000,000 Tonnes to Megatonnes = 1

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27 May 2007 .. What Would Happen if a 20 Megaton Nuclear Explosion on a City of 3 Million? Ground Zero Within 1/100th of a second, a fireball would form in ..joules to megatonsRussia UK war: Putin’s 50 Megaton Satan-2 nuke will kill 17M Brits- are you in kill zone? Effects of a 250000 Megaton nuclear detonation.. | Alternate ..23 May 2017 .. .. Russia's Insane 50-Megaton Monster Nuke Could Have Killed Millions .. “Before that it was just called the 50 megaton or 100 megaton bomb.” .. Interestingly enough, Tsar Bomba was one of the “cleanest” nuclear weapons ..

The Tsar Bomba was dropped from a Russian bomber on an island in the Arctic circle and had a yield equivalent to 50 million tons of TNT, approximately 3000 times as powerful as the fission-type atom bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. If a bomb of this size were to be dropped on New York city, 10,000,000 people would be instantly killed perhaps 2 million instantly vaporized, the entire city leveled, and many millions more fatally injured. The total casualties could exceed 30 million killed and severely injured. The original was scaled back from 100 megatons for fear it might ignite the Earths atmosphere. The island it was dropped above was essentially erased, and the flash of the blast was seen over 600 miles away. It caused major structural damage up to 200 miles away and even shattered windows in Norway over 700 miles away. In the United States, it was detected by seismographs and registered as a moderate Earthquake. This explosion literally set up low frequency vibrations in the entire planet. It was a "clean" nuke, having relatively little fallout due to it's detonation at 4000 meters elevation, or approximately 2.5 miles in altitude. At least one of the pilots was seriously injured by the blast, which detonated with the bomb at a total distance of approximately 30 miles. Even at this altitude of detonation, the bomb left a 60 meter deep crater 5 miles across. Now here's the most frightening thing of all, there is no ACTUAL theoretical limit on the yield of a thermonuclear weapon, but luckily there is a practical limit of around 20 megatons.

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