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N.Y. couple wins $162M lottery jackpot - but mary and max ending owes $1M | Lottery PostQuick Links

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I know it doesn't change my life one way or the other if I'm not the winner but just once, if the lottery is legitimate in the first place, I'll like to see it go to someone really poor to start with. These latest winners own a home in a nice neighborhood, probably already have good medical care and cars and everything they need in life and on top of it all Suffolk County in NYS says they ripped off the state and the homeless with scams they pulled and got away with up until now. Throw in that in the interview they gave at the Lotto Headquarters they were as arrogant as hell with mock stories about how they plan to help the poor and homeless with their winnings as they drove off in a limo to a very expensive vacation.

Sure I always wish it were me but I usually don't begrudge the winners this much, even when most already have plenty to begin with. It seems fate is in on the rich get richer kind of thing and so be it but these people just piss me off. The likelihood that they will use even one dime of it to help anyone other then themselves is as likely as each of us growing a second head. I sure hope Suffolk County is able to take back from them at least the million that they allegedly stole.

Oh and fuck Yolanda Vega and that lotto guy for not allowing reporters to question the winners about their illegal deeds!

by Anonymous reply 24 01/10/2010

OP as some of us aren't in NY or even on the East Coast or in the U.S. You might want to be a little bit more specific about their deeds. I've never heard of them.

And if I'm not mistaken most players of the lottery are poor or working class and I do believe most who have won have been poor or working class.

by Anonymous reply 1 01/09/2010

You are insane. The winners usually are not rich.

by Anonymous reply 2 01/09/2010

You can't win if you don't play!

by Anonymous reply 3 01/09/2010

Richard and Mary Morrison have plans for their 5 million lottery jackpot: paying off their mortgage, opening a restaurant, and helping the poor, as well as Richard Morrison's pet cause of celebrating the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution.

But authorities in New York's Suffolk County have plans, too. They are seeking to collect nearly million of the Morrisons' winnings, saying the couple overbilled the county for homeless shelters they once ran.

"The money that is due to taxpayers is supposed to be paid," said Gregory Blass, Suffolk's commissioner of social services.

The couple did not discuss the 0,921.90 in question at a news conference in Garden City, where New York State Lottery officials presented an oversized check for 5 million.

"We're not saying anything," 59-year-old Richard Morrison said.

The couple opted for a lump-sum payment instead of 5 million spread out over 26 years, so they actually got million each before taxes.

"It feels fantastic," said Mary Morrison, 57, who has already bought a Lexus.

The dispute with the county grew out of contracts the Morrisons had over 20 years to run a network of homeless shelters.

Richard Morrison was the executive director of Love'M Sheltering Inc., which ran homeless shelters until going out of business in 2005.

A 2004 audit by the county comptroller's office found that Love'M Sheltering owed 2,000.

Blass said the audit found numerous irregularities, including inflated salaries and missing equipment purchased with county funds.

The Morrisons challenged the county's authority to audit them, but a judge upheld the audit in 2008. With interest, the sum that the county seeks has grown to 0,921.90.

The Morrisons' attorney, Michael Solomon, said his clients owe nothing because the audit involved the nonprofit corporation, Love'M Sheltering, and not the Morrisons as individuals.

"This is the first time that they ever heard that the county was attempting to claim that Richard and Mary Morrison, as individuals, had any responsibility," Solomon said.

"These are the most honest, giving people in the world," Solomon said. "If they believed that this was their legal responsibility to pay, they would have made arrangements to pay a long time ago."

Blass said the Morrisons owe the money and are "hiding behind the corporation."

Lawyers for Suffolk County went to court Wednesday seeking to block the state from paying the Morrisons 0,921.90 of their winnings.

Solomon agreed to hold the money in escrow while the case proceeds. A hearing is scheduled for Jan. 20.

The Morrisons met in high school, married nearly 40 years ago and said they will now treat themselves to the big wedding they never had.

Richard Morrison got down on one knee at Thursday's news conference and asked his wife, "Would you marry me?"

A next-door neighbor, Stephen Garritano, said his family often borrowed milk or sugar from the Morrisons.

"They're very nice people," he said. "They were happy to share."

The couple listed plans for their Mega Millions winnings in interviews with Newsday at their home in Miller Place, N.Y.

Mary Morrison said she and her husband would help disadvantaged children, while Richard Morrison said he hoped to back programs that encourage people to work their way off public assistance.

Richard Morrison said a top priority is financing his book about the Preamble to the Constitution, which he called "the most magnificent constitutional sentence in the history of mankind."

Morrison wore a T-shirt with the Preamble written on it Thursday, but declined to discuss the book.

The couple also told Newsday they hope to pay off their mortgage and open a seafood restaurant.

Blass said the Morrisons can help the downtrodden by paying the money they owe. He said he would ask to have the funds earmarked for homeless shelters.

"We have hundreds of homeless families that could benefit from a windfall like this," he said.


Associated Press writer Karen Matthews in New York City contributed to this repo

by Anonymous reply 4 01/09/2010

Some people just live charmed lives. Do we not all know people who got ahead in their careers despite having no intelligence, no ideas, nothing more than a smile and some charm? In this case,m instead of a promotion or a raise they didn't deserve, they won a lottery.

by Anonymous reply 5 01/09/2010

It's just more proof there is no god, and is no justice in this world.

by Anonymous reply 6 01/09/2010


by Anonymous reply 7 01/09/2010

...what does 'MSE' mean??

by Anonymous reply 8 01/09/2010

Many people with money have won the NYS Lottery. Not all winners are working class.

The news reports usually show already retired people with two homes, one on each coast or the other in Florida. These people are usually comfortably retired professionals, doctors or lawyers.

Or we see some toothless immigrant whose barely been living in NY for two years, accepting their 100 million winnings, these are the winners plastered all over the local NY newspapers.

The irony is that sometimes the winners are people who barely play, they say things like, "I was just at the store getting milk then decided to play, I NEVER play!" Reminds me of a relative, they never gambled, but the few times they'd gone to Atlantic City they'd won a couple of thousand on the slot machines.

One local winner with a failing company, did actually do a great deed, he put his winnings back into keeping his small business going, so his longtime loyal workers could keep their jobs. He was one in a million! Anyone else would have simply shut down the failing business and fucked off on a long European vacation.

by Anonymous reply 9 01/10/2010

Bizarre that people don't seem to understand how lotteries. You could confiscate the wealth of the richest man in AMerica and feed even more poor families, but they never point that out.

by Anonymous reply 10 01/10/2010

Holy shit, Yolanda Vega is still around? Why haven't I seen her in years, then?

by Anonymous reply 11 01/10/2010


It's completey amoral, random. You're not checked for your misdeeds before you buy a lottery ticket.

Get over it and if you don't like it, don't play. Or play in the hope of thwarting those who you think are less deserving.


by Anonymous reply 12 01/10/2010

You should win too R12. You seem like a kind, caring, decent, [italic]completely rational[/italic] person.

Good luck!

by Anonymous reply 13 01/10/2010

Of course, R12, we realize how lotteries work, but it's just plain human nature to be pissed off seeing already wealthy people winning millions, what about that aspect don't you comprehend?

People who don't NEED money winning lots more.

Or to see people new to the US, who haven't paid into taxes for all the years the rest of us have, winning 100 million. It's damn annoying.

I don't play the Lottery because I don't gamble. I'd rather buy something tangible with my money.

by Anonymous reply 14 01/10/2010

[quote]Or to see people new to the US, who haven't paid into taxes for all the years the rest of us have, winning 100 million. It's damn annoying.

Um, they pay taxes on their winnings. A hell of a lot more than what they would've paid if they hadn't won.

Y'all really are jealous bitches.

by Anonymous reply 15 01/10/2010

i mean it could be worse Ivana Trump could have won, what would you have done then? commit suicide?

by Anonymous reply 16 01/10/2010

"Um, they pay taxes on their winnings. A hell of a lot more than what they would've paid if they hadn't won.

Y'all really are jealous bitches."

You're an idiot. No one is analyzing this so deeply when they see a doctor, a lawyer or an immigrant who barely speaks English, grinning on TV holding one of those big fake Lottery checks for 100 million.

Most Americans are simply jealous seeing already wealthy people or an immigrant who speaks garbled English, winning millions.

by Anonymous reply 17 01/10/2010

Suffolk County should sue them for 50 million because the money they bought the ticket with came from the taxpayers.

by Anonymous reply 18 01/10/2010

If they hadn't won, the state wouldn't have collected that money.

It's a win/win for everyone.

Or are you just mad because they support the Constitution?

by Anonymous reply 19 01/10/2010

[quote]Suffolk County should sue them for 50 million because the money they bought the ticket with came from the taxpayers.

If I steal a dollar from your wallet, buy a lottery ticket, and win the jackpot, I owe you one dollar.

by Anonymous reply 20 01/10/2010

Yet another reason NOT to buy lottery tickets, ever.

by Anonymous reply 21 01/10/2010

I'm not a very nice person a lot of the time, although I try to be better.

I'd try harder, though, if I won the Mega Millions.

I promise!

by Anonymous reply 22 01/10/2010

OP hon, Miller Place ain't all that. It's where people from Patchogue move to when they want to be seen as climbing the social ladder.

by Anonymous reply 23 01/10/2010

Bitter, party of one?

If it's any comfort to you, OP, many big lottery winners end up blowing the money, falling for scams, fighting with their rapacious friends and families, and end up in bigger trouble than if they had not won.

by Anonymous reply 24 01/10/2010

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