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(2) You only get waitlisted at your top choice.

When you apply, you get to throw your name into the hat for three different schools. But if you don’t get in to any of these schools, you’ll only be waitlisted at one — your first choice school. Strategize accordingly!

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Metro magnet school lottery leaves parents looking around

Posted: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 7:41 PM EST Updated: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 7:41 PM EST NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) -

Hundreds of parents in Metro Nashville Public Schools got some disappointing news this weekend. They were hoping their child would land a spot in one of Metro's top schools, but instead they got wait listed.

And that could mean a long wait.

Many parents look at the middle school and high school lottery as a win-or-get-out-of-town choice in Nashville. And the odds of winning, while not as bad as the Powerball, are pretty discouraging.

Holly Knight has three beautiful girls who are all 'A' students, but the Bellevue resident found out this weekend they have no chance of going to Meigs Middle Magnet School.

"I think the flaw is that there is only one magnet school available for students who are academically talented, intellectually gifted. There is no other option out there," Knight said.

Metro's academic magnet schools are truly becoming the thing of legend. MLK Academic Magnet School awaits expansion and now won't even permit a waiting list.

Hume-Fogg High School's waiting list is 408, and Meigs, the only pure academic magnet middle school, has a waiting list of 911 although the school only holds 700 students total.

"They have a successful plan in place at Meigs. They should be able to implement that plan at another school for students who are performing at a high level," Knight said.

Metro schools leaders want to expand MLK by 300 seats, but there is no other plan for pure academic magnets.

Instead, Metro hopes people will consider improving the district's zoned schools.

"The other thing we know is parents want to have choices, so we want to give everyone a quality zoned school as well," said Metro schools spokeswoman Meredith Libbey.

In fact, there are parents who believe the academic magnets are weakening zoned schools that could be so much stronger if they were just supported and given a chance.

"I think that's a great idea. The problem is the parents who don't get into those magnets pretty much move or go to private school," said parent Claire Carrico. "It's just diminishing your overall school population."

Metro says once Common Core kicks in, the district will take another look at requirements for academic magnets. Still, it strongly urges parents to at least tour their zoned school before quitting the system.



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ENTRANCE to MEIGS & PATHWAY TO HUME-FOGG Qualifications for ALL academic magnet schools (Meigs, MLK, and Hume-Fogg) are based academic qualifications.Meigs Academic Magnet School is a middle school for grades 5-8.  We have an academic requirement.  Students interested must score proficient or advanced in both reading and math on TCAP assessments in the spring prior to entering the school lottery in November. Students applying are then randomly selected in a drawing in January. If selected, those students will then enter the following school year (August.)DETAILS:
  • Academic average of 85 or above for the spring semester of last year and the 1st grading period of the current year with no failing grades for any grading period to enter any magnet school.
  • TCAP test scores for reading and math must be PROFICIENT or ADVANCED in both.
  • If you are from out of state or moving from private school and test scores are not TCAP scores from spring, students must have stanine scores in reading and math which total 14 or more when added together from a nationally norm-referenced test. We recommend turning in tests other than TCAP at least one week before the deadline so that we can verify that the scores are acceptable or if other documents will be needed.
  • Home school students must also submit 6 work samples for each of the four core subject areas (language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies), and must complete a timed writing prompt. Please contact the MNPS Customer Service Center at 259-4636 for more details.
FOR PROSPECTIVE FAMILIES  MNPS Selection Timeline 2018-2019 Link to " Attend Meigs " NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION: MEIGS 101 and Parent 101 Held each year at the end of July, these two days are your first steps into Meigs. Look for more information to come. Parent 101 is the first day of this two day orientation.. We are wait-listed. What does that mean? It means you must be flexible and patient.   Meigs wait list can pull 5 or 25. It varies year to year. We wish we could advise you on how many students could get pulled from the wait list. But, it is a hard prediction. Kids find out that a spot has opened up before the school year ends, in the summer and sometimes two or three days after next school year starts. Be ready to be flexible. Stay tuned to this website for posts on summer reading and supply lists so you can be prepared.

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