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The Neopian Lottery - NeoDex: The Neopets Wiki#8 jordicansHas anyone ever won the lottery with a randomly awarded ticket? neopets lottery ticket wheel monotony

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100 - 4,000 NP Random Tyrannian Furniture Random Tyrannian Food Random Tyrannian Petpet Nothing Fully Healed Pet, Faerie Ability Level MAY Increase Random Inventory Item Turned to Sludge Pet Receives Damage (Pterodactyl, Fireballs) Roaring Grarrl (Nothing) You lose one level in a Faerie ability Description Avatar

Way up in the Neopian skies, hidden behind the clouds, is the magical place of faerie lands. Here you can find the most delicious foods, caring faeries and mystical places. It is here where you can find the wheel of excitement. It is guarded by a light faerie.

You can spin this wheel for 500 NP and can spin it every 2 hours .

How to obtain
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Wheel of Monotony

Wheel of Monotony Information
World: Trophies:
Our Difficulty Rating: 10%
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This wheel costs 150 NP to spin! You can spin this wheel once per day.

The Wheel of Monotony, scenically located on the Tyrannian Plateau, is universally agreed to be one of the most tedious games TNT has ever produced. If you have ever spun this wheel, then you are most likely aware of the hours it takes for it to stop spinning and finally award you a prize. Yes, quite literally hours . There is no guarantee of exactly how long the wheel will spin - it varies each time (usually between about 2 hours and 9 hours). The end result could be worth it, though, so step right up and try your luck! Don't forget to bring some comfy pillows in case you want to take a nap during the wait! ;)

You can still browse and play games and chat on Neopets while you wait for the wheel to finish spinning as long as it is on a different tab or window. Closing the tab or browser in which the wheel is spinning will prevent you from being awarded a prize - you must wait for it to finish spinning!. You must also keep 150 Neopoints on hand while the wheel is spinning or you will receive a message saying that you don't have enough Neopoints to play.

Fun Fact: It used to be that when the Quiggle to the side looks at his watch, you were halfway to the end! However, the Wheel has been a bit glitchy and this may not always be the case.

Wheel of Monotony Prizes
Space Awarded Prize
1 A visit to the volcano .
2 A regular codestone . (Most likely Bri or Main.)
3 A random Tyrannian weapon .
4 Wheel of Monotony avatar.
5 Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush .
6 A ticket for The Neopian Lottery .
7 Your active pet loses half their health.
8 Tyrannian Paint Brush .
9 You win 5,000 NP!
10 A Tyrannian food item. (Most likely Evil Blancmange, Honey Blossom, or Raptraphant Leg.)
11 A random Monotony item (see below).
12 Nothing happens. (Previously, this would raise an old-style ability by one level.)
13 A red codestone . (Most likely Mag or Sho.)
14 A visit to the Lair of the Beast , and potentially taking all but 1 HP from your active pet.
15 A Tyrannian Petpet . (Most likely a Mazzew .)
16 You win 20,000 NP!
Exclusive Prizes
Fungus Ball Ball Fungus Ball Bean Bag Fungus Ball Lamp GoGoGo Handbook I Love Kacheekers T-shirt
Kacheekers Board Kacheekers Plushie Kacheekers Poster Kacheekers Strategy Guide Kyruggi Plushie
Pterattack Action Figure Pterattack Bean Bag Pterattack Game Guide Pterattack Poster Sabre-X Plushie
Sargug Plushie Uggsul Plushie Wheel Of Monotony Mug Wheel Of Monotony Pen Wheel Of Monotony Plushie
Wheel Of Monotony Poster Wheel Of Monotony T-Shirt

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#9 Nine viagra 100mg [Guide] How to know what you will get on Wheel of Monotony?[done ..Click here to go to Wheel of Monotony .. The Wheel of Monotony is located on the Tyrannian Plateau. The cost to .. You receive a ticket for the Neopian Lottery. Shelley    526Gourmet Club Bowls

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Neopets Dailies, Neopets Freebies, Daily Neopets Links, Get NP Easy

This is The Daily Neopets' comprehensive and up-to-date Neopets dailies list. Neopets has created lots of fun activities on the Neopets site that give out Neopoints and Neopets items for free. We've compiled a list of Neopets links that you can visit for all of these Neopets freebies. By using our Neopets guide here, you should be able to get lots of free Neopoints and more!

Bookmark this page (CTRL+D or CMD+D) so you can come back again tomorrow and get more Neopets freebies! Our URL is really easy to remember too:

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The Neopian Lottery

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Featured Article

( list of featured articles )

The Neopian Lottery
ID # 58
World Neopia Central
Category Luck & Chance
High Scores
Game Page

The Neopian Lottery is a luck-based lottery game . To win the lottery, users must correctly predict which six numbers between 1 and 30 will be selected during the daily drawing that occurs at 4:00 a.m. NST . Unlike other games, the Neopian Lottery does not have a high score table.

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Loteria De Bogota Sorteo 2434

Dice-A-Roo is not only a game of luck, but it can also win you an avatar, and who .. Some Neopians may use it to win free lottery tickets, which could lead to .. Neopets Battledome Prizes Jellyneo, . Premium Bonus Collectibles 2013. viagra vs cialis

ValorSuite Web What is the Best way to buy lottery tickets?27 Oct 2013 .. Wheel of Monotony Cheats Guide .. Wheel of Monotony, that one boring wheel that no one wants to spin and .. Question Mark, – Lottery Ticket Dice-A-RooThe Neopian Lottery .. Well, these stupid Neopets are your saviours! .. there is a simple strategy to achieving a high score and (hopefully) a shiny trophy!Dailies Hints | Neopets Cheats and Hints

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Previous Winning Numbers

Gourmet Club Bowls Lottery. Guides and random picks: Morris: .. neo lottery numbers): .. viagra over the counter

#10 footeeDice-A-Roo Game Guide - Neopets Cheats : Cheat Codes and .. Strategies for Playing as well as Winning the Lottery game – How Do You Know If You Win The Neopian Lottery #2 KaibaSama

Neopian lottery calculatorneopets lottery generatorHow to Play viagra price Click here to reset this page to and try .. Pay 100 NP for a Neopian Lottery Ticket (new draw every day, maximum of ..Wheel of Monotony Cheats Guide | Neopets Guides #4 BoneKaterina    0

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#3 KleinBucket

KleinBucket Users Awards

Posted 21 April 2014 - 04:59 PM

Thanks! Also I saw someone suggest adding this as a Neocodex script. I know how to script but not the specifics about how to get around Neopet's red flags. Since they're trigger-happy, I'm leaving this to someone more experienced.


If anyone would like to take that up or show me how, that would be greatly appreciated!

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Wheel of Monotony

From NeoDex Jump to: navigation , search Wheel of Monotony
ID # 402
World Tyrannia
Category Luck & Chance
High Scores
Game Page

The Wheel of Monotony is a luck-based game that can be found in the Northern Plateau of Tyrannia . It is hosted by an engrossed Quiggle , who takes the money and helps everyone contain their excitement during the spinning of the wheel. It cost 150 NP to spin, and was released on the 28 April 2004.

The Wheel of Monotony is like all the other wheel based games on the site with one twist: the wheel can spin for hours. Players must sit through the entire spinning of the wheel before any prizes are rewarded. If their internet connection temporarily shuts off or the browser window with the wheel spinning in it closes, no prize will be awarded.

The user can open a second browser window or tab to carry on playing the site while the wheel continues spinning in the original window. The Quiggle looks at his watch when the wheel is halfway through spinning.

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How to win the Lottery by Cheating

Cheating is a hefty word, and also many people cower when they hear of it, and they would certainly not like to be associated with it. Nevertheless, it does not have to be your lotto game ticket that wins the lottery game, but you can be the one to gather the payout. Many people throw away their tickets right after an illustration, as well as the tickets could be still helpful. Perhaps they examined the incorrect illustration, they did not inspect the numbers, or they mislead the numbers.

Do not think it is a waste of time accumulating disposed of tickets; they just could be the door to your good luck. Remember the second possibility video games, even if the ticket does not win the reward, it might still win you some rewards in one of the arbitrary illustrations. This is the easier method of disloyalty and also winning the lotto. Nevertheless, some individuals and businesses declare that they could tell you the best ways to win the lottery scratch off, in addition to the best ways to win lottery numbers by using innovation to rip off.

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