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Quads over quads

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Once you add multiple tables into the mix, the numbers get even more depressing.

If you have four tables, all getting dealt hands at the exact same rate, statistically one table will hit a bad beat after getting dealt 10,597 hands. (Well, somewhere in those hands it will happen. Again, we're going to assume they get it on the very last hand dealt.)

In this scenario, the winner and loser of the hand both make money, the table share players each lose around 0, and the other 30 players in the room on other tables all lose ,597 each. The more tables you add, the more losers you will have.

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Posted December 11, 2009 · Report post

Hey guys. I was playing a NLHE tourney on pokerstars earlier tonight (UK) and I lost to quad queens after I had flopped quad jacks. The flop came QJJ - I check and he checks behind - turn comes Q - he bets - I raise - he pushes - I snap call and the river comes Q - he turns over Q9

Either way it was a pretty damn bad beat. I checked the odds out and got the following as indicated below. Has anyone else on here ever lost to higher quads?

The reason you multiply by 120 is because the since we're seeing it to the river, the order in which the cards doesn't matter. There are 5! = 5*4*3*2*1 = 120 different ways of dealing those particular 5 cards.

Same as pair vs pair. This should not come as a surprise since we're seeing all 7 cards.

So the probability of being dealt quads is 0.00003555 + 0.00003555 = 0.0000711%

This translates to about 1,406,988.063 - 1 odds


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