My Journey Tales

The weather looks very appealing to set out for a short tour around. Travel has always been a best friend to me, whether it is during my good times or my bad times. Travel has never failed to please me. And just like me, there are thousands of travelers who are traveling to new places every day. Saying no to travel is like saying no to happiness. Every time I get back from my trip, the first thing that I do is tell my friends about the experience I have had. Well, traveling has really turned me into a storyteller. And sometimes I think how good it would be if someone would reward me for sharing my travel stories. Do you feel the same? If the answer is yes, here is a great news for all of you.
You can join us at my journey tales and start sharing your travel stories.

Creatu Banking

C-Banking is a mobile application that will work as a bridge connection between financial institutions and its customers. C-Banking will provide information on loan interest, deposit interest, as well as required documents and the overall procedure in order to start a banking transaction. C-Banking will compare the different available rates and will provide customer with the best rate available. C-Banking will help financial institution to cover marketing for larger audience being cost effective and in lesser time. C-Banking will be a platform for financial institution to promote their new packages and their services. Furthermore, there will be a ranking of these associated institutions based on customer feedback that will work as a catalyst for developing credentials and customer relationship.

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